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This resource is for health professionals and their staff to access updated information, forms and search tools.

Are you an ahm recognised provider?

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Use the facility below to ensure you are listed as a recognised provider with ahm. Simply select your speciality and postcode to begin the search. You can narrow your search by also entering your surname.

If your record is listed, you won't need to do anything as inclusion on this database means that your recognition with ahm is current.

If your record isn't listed or is incorrect, you should contact the relevant board / association directly to discuss requirements for membership with them.

If you would like your details removed from the website or if you have any questions after reviewing this information, please call us on 134 246.

Important: Providers with multiple specialities (for example, acupuncture and naturopathy) will need to be a member of an association(s) which covers both / all of these modalities.

We only pay benefits towards recognised providers so that you receive quality health care from the providers you use. Some recognised providers have requested to be excluded from this search, please check with your provider if they are not listed here.

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We have agreements in place with the majority of private hospitals and day surgeries throughout Australia. Where we haven't reached an agreement, these are referred to as non agreement hospitals.

All doctors listed have previously participated or have indicated an intention to participate in GapCover. If your doctor doesn't appear in the search results, ask the doctor if he/she is willing to participate in GapCover for you.

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